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We Represent You At The Auction As Your Agent

We know how hard it can be to win at an auction, especially if you are new to the game. AuctionWiz is an online platform that connects you with a highly experienced property agent who will do all the bidding work for you as your bidding agent. You simply enter the details of the property…

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Had Enough of Wasting Time and Money?

The weekend ritual of inspections, auctions and organising building and pest reports wastes a huge amount of time and money. An AuctionWiz agent can bid at auction for you. They know what you should be paying for a house based on industry knowledge, experience and a keen eye. Without this, it can be easy to fall for underquoting and waste time turning up for auctions only to find you were not even close on the price.
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You Can’t Make the Auction?

If you are an interstate property investor or can’t make an auction for whatever reason, our agents will ensure you are well-represented on the day. They will adhere to your price instructions and, if required stay in communication with you throughout the bidding process. An AuctionWiz agent will stay calm and in control of the bidding to make sure you pay a fair price...and will walk away if the price is too high.
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Are You New to the Auction Process?

If you are a first homebuyer or have never had to bid at an auction before, it can be an incredibly daunting and confusing process. Our AuctionWiz agents have vast experience in auctions and understand the tactics and strategies employed by the different auctioneers. Most importantly they take away the emotions and the stress to ensure that you either pay a fair price or they walk away.
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Are You Concerned You Will Pay Too Much?

Auctioneers play on the emotions involved in buying a property, especially when it comes to residential houses. Their role is to encourage you to pay too much and pressure you into committing to a price you can’t really afford or which is above the house’s true value. Our AuctionWiz agents have local knowledge and know exactly what price you should be paying based on current market trends and extensive research.
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Are You Not Confident With Bidding?

The auction process is not for everyone. It can be an intimidating and, depending on the auctioneer, even a confronting experience. Auctioneers are highly skilled at making sure people pay more than a property is worth. If the thought of holding up a paddle while a crowd watches on fills you with fear, let us do it for you. Best of all, you don’t even have to be there!
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Do You Keep Missing Out on Auctions?

Winning at an auction can be a tricky business. It’s difficult to know if the predicted price range is correct and when is the right time to make a bid. Most people find auctions an overwhelming process and are set up to fail due to underquoting and misinformation. AuctionWiz agents are able to advise on the current market price for the area and the kind of property you are considering.
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